If close is not enough, a direct shot to the heart and mind is the mark. You tell us your story, we work it out together, you get what we aim for.

We suit you

Everything we conceive and design is tailored to your needs. Your product or service is the mannequin, we provide the appropriate look. That is why we build your online communication with a framework that we have designed ourselves.

First impression …

People judge a book by its cover, they spot a nice suit that fits. Whether you are well dressed for the right occasion. We design and develop with great attention to detail.

All colours of
the rainbow

50 shades of grey, purple rain, white satin, we offer a broad spectrum of services. Offline blends into online.

A firm foundation

Solid as a rock, but daddy's got a brand new bag, the merger of 8bahn and Impact Communications brought experiences and generations together. Wise and young blood flows through the company.

Dating technology

This world moves fast but we are on top of it, our digital base makes us receptive to new developments. We scan, follow and like. And we still read the occasional book.

Close is not

Where others listen to your wishes, we dwell on the needs and try to understand the motives behind them. In this way, we create the opportunity to achieve your goals through new, unexplored ways.

Who doesn't like cookies?