BMW & MINI aftersale

Stylish yet sporty — this is how we wanted to design the BMW and MINI accessories websites. And we think we certainly succeeded. In both websites you can clearly recognise the well-known house style of BMW and MINI, combined with stylish elements that also perfectly fit the sporty character of both brands and the range of products on the websites.

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Partij voor de Dieren

An interactive campaign for the Party for the Animals that goes just as viral as COVID, with much better intentions, to infect the Dutch government with some left-wing ideas and at the same time kick the conscience of its viewers.

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Vlaams & Neutraal Ziekenfonds

As a Flemish health insurance fund, VNZ looks after its approximately 120,000 members from Mechelen. Together, we make VNZ visible through extensive branding that is played out via all available media channels.

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IA interior architects

It is so much fun to work together when you share the same principles. Thinking outside the box, because it's not only about design, but also about creating a total experience and offering good service to your customers. Tailored to the personality of your customer.

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Women in agriculture

We came up with this concept for our loyal customer Agribex. Via a website, women in agriculture could send in selfies with matching captions. A thick booklet was made of the submissions, featuring interviews with the most liked contributions and a foreword by the minister of agriculture. Afterwards, the women and the booklet were praised in the press.

#concept #online-tool #bookdesign #pr

ntr — Sinterklaas

For the programme "Het Sinterklaasjournaal" of the Dutch broadcaster ntr, we have been developing their playfull campaign for several years now. Children love the online tool with which they can interact with the 'Good Man', especially because He seems to interact with them personally. 1 million happy views per year.

#interactive-campaign #development #hosting


Milcobel is Belgium's leading dairy cooperative that collects milk from 2,400 dairy farms and processes it into high-quality products. And that should be known, hence our cooperation in providing them with concepts (advertisements, banners), graphic designs (magazines, posters, logos) and stories (PR). Recently, we also built a bridge between Milcobel and the Asian market with the 'East meets West' website.

#concept #branding #graphic-design #website #pr


Ever wondered where the last resting place of your mattress is? Hopefully somewhere where it is sustainably processed! We help Valumat convey this message to the Belgian population through an accessible and informative website and POS material. And accompanying branding.

#concept #branding #webdesign #graphic-design #POS #SEO
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